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One of the top performing leasing companies nationwide, is an affiliate of Diamond Financial Services of New Jersey; specializing in franchise leasing of new and used equipment...from restaurants to offices, heavy equipment to mall and retail kiosks, exercise
equipment, offset printing, dry cleaning, security, medical, technology, and more.

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Open For Business!

Launching a new business or getting a fresh start requires more than just a great attitude and hard work. You need the right tools and equipment to succeed. The other guys are out there, grabbing the business.

Let help you outfit your business the right way. Then you can swing open your doors and announce to the world "We're OPEN FOR BUSINESS"!        Read More

Don't Gamble on your future!

Where are you going to get the big ticket items you need for your franchise? Don't gamble!

At we understand small business.

With over ten years in Franchise Leasing we can help you avoid the costly mistakes many hard working business people seem to make. We work for you!        Read More

The Leasing Advantage

Tax Advantages
Tax laws can be tricky. That's why Franchisees depend on Find out why we're the experts. But don't just listen to us! Here's a little of what the I.R.S. has to say about the adv...

Leasing Solutions!

Why FranchiseLeasing?
The folks at are Franchise Le...
Lease vs Borrow?
Given the current economic climate, it would be ...
Retirement Rollover Services
  Open a Business Using Your Retirement Fund...
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Your World of Possibilities...just imagine! can help you acquire the tools you need for your success as a franchise. Our experienced associates know their way through the SBA and can maneuver you through the maze of government bureaucrats to get your loans. Call us today: 877-508-2274

Offset Printing Equipment

Offset printing presses, screen printing, digital press or image/plate setters are must have items for your franchise printing business. We all know that printing technology changes just as quickly as the advances in computers. Additionally, printing equipment depreciates rapidly. Leasing is a "no brainer"! Call us: 877-508-2274.

Mall Kiosks

To make money, you have to be where the people are; and highly visible. Franchise Leasing has helped many enterprising individuals start or advance their retail success by helping them get into a kiosk. These days, the smart money is spending wisely. It has to. A kiosk-based business means far-less investment in location and decoration. You're lighter on your feet, too, able to respond to changing consumer demands. Leasing is perfect for a kiosk-based franchise! Call us: 877-508-2274.


MEDICAL EQUIPMENT               


Leasing medical equipment is a wonderful alternative to purchasing such pricey items!  Do you need medical equipment supplies or capital to purchase medical equipment? Do you need to modernize or upgrade your existing medical equipment?  Franchise Leasing offers affordable Medical Equipment Leasing and Financing options, for NEW or USED equipment, ideal for medical practice start-up and for established healthcare practices looking to upgrade.  Doctors starting their own medical practice can enjoy the benefits of medical equipment supplies, including lobby furniture, hardware, software and signage leased through our  Financing services.

Take advantage of our medical equipment leasing program and receive:

  • Simple application process
  • Low-rate, competitive financing & leasing
  • Working capital


Software and IT Leasing Solutions

Keeping up with the competition means having the right tools. This is the 21st Century, so updated  software and IT equipment are critical to your success. Problem? "Buying" means investing in OLD technology and finding yourself fighting to keep up with your competition. Call us! We can help: 877-508-2274.

Restaurant Equipment

You love the restaurant business. Success demands so much of your time, attention, and effort. It's not just a 40-hour job; it's your life! The leasing experts at FranchiseLeasing are dedicated to their business, too: helping entrepreneurs like you realize your dreams. Leasing your restaurant equipment frees your capital and allows you to respond easier to consumer demand. Whether you require refrigeration equipment, cooking equipment or other associated accessories, FranchiseLeasing can help. Call us: 877-508-2274.




Franchise Leasing lets you concentrate on running your business and servicing your customers and we'll find the most competitive terms available to your organization.  We have helped hundreds in the hospitality industry acquire equipment. Whether you are acquiring gym or exercise equipment to expand your fitness center, an espresso machine to complement your concierge services, computers and networking equipment to update your technology infrastructure or just about anything else, we can help you structure an equipment leasing and financing solution to conserve cash flow, accelerate tax benefits, and meet return on investment projections. Call us and see if we can help you:

  • Simple application process
  • Low-rate, competitive financing & leasing
  • Customized payment schedule to fit cash flow requirements
  • Working capital



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