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Why should I lease?
When deciding whether to lease or buy, consider the following advantages of leasing:

  • You pay little or no down payment, and monthly payments are low
  • You pay only for the portion of the equipment you will use during the lease term, and not for the original purchase price financed over a long term with a retail purchase
  • You are not locked into owning equipment that becomes obsolete and difficult to liquidate; depreciation is no longer a concern
  • You pay only for what you use, and you have the opportunity to obtain new equipment when needed
  • You remain current in today’s changing world, as upgrades and replacements are easily available
  • You have the option to buy should you desire
  • Payments are 100% tax deductible as an operating expense; because lease terms are usually less than the equipment’s useful life, a lessee may be able to amortize the cost of the equipment faster through tax deductible rentals rather than through depreciation
  • No collateral is necessary other than the equipment itself
  • With equipment that carries a warranty, you always stay within that warranty with the flexibility of upgrading the equipment
  • Payments are a regular business expense that comes out of pre-tax income instead of after-tax profits. Working capital can then be applied to other areas that will generate more profit
  • Leasing covers your equipment acquisitions while established bank lines and other credit lines remain intact for other uses. In fact, leasing can improve your balance sheet by recurring long-term debt
  • The lease cost is a fixed monthly rate for the life of the contract. Budgeting and planning becomes easier and there is a hedge against inflation. By establishing the amount of the lease payment today, you are actually making use of tomorrow’s less valuable dollar
  • A lease can be tailored to your customer’s specific needs -- financially and operationally. Payments can be made to fit their budget
  • Equipment pays for itself as it helps to produce sales and profits Leasing ultimately saves you time and money




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