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FranchiseLeasing.com (an affiliate of Diamond Financial and FranchiseLenders.com) has been assisting Franchisee owners nationwide for over 20 years to obtain 100% Remodel Funding needed quickly to upgrade and refresh your business.  Whether it is multiple locations or a single unit store, we can help you to reach your Franchise financing goal in a timely manner with the best terms and help you on your way to higher sales and profit.  A simple 1-page application is all that is needed to get started.  There is no application fee or obligation.  The following are the benefits and advantages of remodel equipment leasing with us and why we continue to be a leader, with high success rate and working with thousands of Franchisees and Franchisor Brands for many years!


Leasing Solutions

Benefits of Leasing

Have you opened or expanded a business, or simple need new or used equipment?

  • Tax advantages
  • Soft pulls on credit
  • Cred/debt only shows up on business reports, not personal, so builds business credit
  • No cost to apply
  • Terms 24 – 60 month (72 – 84 for unique cases)
  • Minimal upfront
  • Minimal Documentation
  • Preserve capital
  • Non encumbered blanket liens (only on equipment)

Tax Advantages

Tax laws can be tricky. That's why Franchisees depend on FranchiseLeasing.com. Find out why we're the experts, and what the IRS has to say about this.


Imagine Your World of Possibilities

FranchiseLeasing.com can help you acquire the tools you need for your success as a franchise. Our experienced associates know their way through the SBA and can maneuver you through the maze of government bureaucrats to get your loans.

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Conserve Capital

Leasing conserves your working capital by requiring usually just the first and last payment. This frees your working capital for other profit generating activities or investments.

Custom Request

Leasing can be tailored to fit your budget requirements. At the end of the lease term, you will have the option of purchasing the equipment, re-leasing the equipment, or simply returning the equipment to the leasor.

100% Financing

Leasing provides 100% financing. Consulting, maintenance, freight, installation and training costs, may be included in the lease.

Franchise Leasing

Affiliate of Diamond Financial.

Exercise and Fitness Equipment

Your Fitness Franchise members expect and deserve a clean, fresh, healthy atmosphere that looks exciting, bright, and full of great, new equipment.
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Medical Equipment

Medical equipment leasing can be a sensible alternative to purchasing. This can be the case if the equipment is expensive and won't turn a profit for years. Alternatively, you may need to maintain state-of-the-art equipment and avoid tying up cash in equipment that can become obsolete in a few years.
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Office Equipment

Your office equipment is often the first step in the appearance and workflow of a profitable franchise business. When leasing office equipment, you may need as much flexibility as possible.
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Construction Equipment

If your franchise is new, or your franchise construction business is mature, it may be time to replace some of your job-site equipment – or add more to the mix. Which means it’s time to revisit the ages-old financing question: Lease or buy?
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Printing Equipment

Offset printing presses, screen printing, digital press, or image/plate setters are must-have items for your franchise printing business. We all know that printing technology changes just as quickly as the advances in computers.
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Restaurant Equipment

Leasing your restaurant equipment frees your capital and allows you to respond easier to consumer demand. From ice maker machines to refrigerated sandwich cases, leasing can provide you with the newest and highest quality equipment available.
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Telecommunications Equipment

Whether you need a reliable Analog Key System, a larger Digital Key System, or Voice Over IP (VoIP) we can help you.
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Security Equipment

Need Intrusion Detection, Video Surveillance, Monitored alarm systems? Security for your office, building, or property?
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Whether your franchise is a small company that needs a vast network of software, leasing that software is perhaps the most advisable method to conserve cash and keep your business up-to-date with changing technologies.
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Computer Equipment

If you are considering leasing computers, FranchiseLeasing.com can help you realize significant savings. When you lease computers, you are normally required to provide a low lease fee as opposed to laying our vast sums of cash every time you need to buy more computers or renew a maintenance contract.
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Dry Cleaning Equipment

Your Dry Cleaning Franchise needs very specialized equipment, not found in many other industries or services. You need quality, reliable Dry Cleaning equipment to be profitable.
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Mall Kiosks

To make money, you have to be where the people are; and highly visible. Franchise Leasing has helped many enterprising individuals start or advance their retail success by helping them get into a kiosk.
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Affordable Leasing Solutions!

When SBA Bankers decide to cease, we’ll simply fund you with a lease!


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