Retirement Rollover Services

Open a Business Using Your Retirement Funds!

No Taxes, No Penalties

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If you’re like millions of Americans you’ve planned for your retirement and have funds in some type of retirement savings plan. However, your funds are tied up in someone else’s business. What you may not know is that the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) made it legal for you to reinvest those funds in your own business.

Diamond Financial has formed strategic alliances with companies that have experience in retirement planning and an extensive knowledge of ERISA. The program is IRS approved. You’ll even receive a Favorable Letter of Determination from the IRS – specific to your new business.

Invest in yourself while building for the future.

Using your retirement funds as an initial business investment and building on them year after year in a business of your own, may be your best retirement plan. You can use the money to purchase a franchise, buy an existing business or start your own entrepreneurial venture. After all, an investment in yourself is an investment you can believe in.

Supplement a business loan with your retirement funds.
Sometimes a small business loan or commercial line of credit may not be enough. Small business owners often need capital for loan down payment to meet lending requirements. You can supplement traditional forms of business financing with funds you already have.

Follow your dream without penalties and taxes.
Tapping into your retirement fund can be expensive. Distributions before retirement age can cost you as much as 50% in taxes and penalties*. On the other hand; our sources charge only a nominal fee, which means you save and keep more of your own hard earned money. Follow your dreams without interest, taxes or penalties.

It’s simple.
If you think re-investing your retirement fund sounds complicated, then think again. It is simple and turn-key. You can even handle it by phone and email. Our planned specialists are experts specifically trained to take the necessary steps and handle all the paperwork. On average, steps are completed and funds available in about 2 – 4 weeks. We are absolutely committed to making the process smooth and satisfying.

If you have $50K or more in retirement funds and you’re interested in learning more about how to open a business using your own funds, call us: Don Johnson at 877-508-2274

A retirement plan specialist can contact you to discuss the program, at no obligation to you.
All information is strictly confidential.

How it works:
Four Simple Steps and You’re in Business.

Capitalizing your rollover Plan is a straightforward. Our plan specialists are fully trained to do the necessary steps and paperwork. It’s a short process as well, on average- steps are completed and funds are available in about two to four weeks.

You establish a C-corporation for the new business.
If you like, your specialist can prepare incorporation documents and make necessary state and federal filings as an additional service.

The C-corporation creates a new retirement plan.
They will develop everything from the Basic Plan Document to enrollment forms, and perform required federal filings to establish the plan.

Funds from an existing retirement plan are rolled over into the C-corporation’s new retirement plan.
They make sure the proper forms are prepared and tasks performed to complete this transaction.

The new retirement plan purchases stock of the C-corporation.
They see that appropriate procedures are followed and stock certificates are issued.

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