Franchise Remodel Financing & Leasing

Remodel Leasing For Franchisees

Leasing is an affordable way to acquire equipment quickly without huge out of pocket expenses. At Franchise Leasing we can assist your franchise with all your leasing needs. Why not benefit now rather than wait until you have the cash on hand. Even if you have the reserves, spreading out the cost evenly will free up your hard earned money and keep your assets where they belong….with your business. At, you don’t have to gamble with your Franchise future. Don Johnson and his team of experienced representatives will help you every step of the way. Equipment leasing is a great way to get the business gear that your company needs to grow. What can you lease?… Just about any hard asset, from computers to furniture to heavy machinery to restaurant equipment, even on START-UPS!

Exercise and Fitness Equipment

Who wants to use a fitness facility that has old, outdated equipment? Your Fitness Franchise members expect and deserve a clean, fresh, healthy atmosphere that looks exciting, bright, and full of great, new equipment. Leasing is the ideal way to do that and realize the many advantages that leasing has to offer. Call our Leasing Professionals for some good, “fit”, and honest answers to keeping your fitness franchise business at the “head of the pack”!  Call us: 877-508-2274

Leasing Medical Equipment

Medical equipment leasing can be a sensible alternative to purchasing. This can be the case if the equipment is expensive and won’t turn a profit for years. Alternatively, you may need to maintain state-of-the-art equipment and avoid tying up cash in equipment that can become obsolete in a few years. Leasing can also be a good method of financing when you can’t afford the down payment on an expensive instrument that is necessary to your practice. Either way, leasing your medical equipment can be a better alternative than a cash purchase or loan financing. Call us: 877-508-2274

Office Equipment

Your office equipment is often the first step in the appearance and workflow of a profitable franchise business. When leasing office equipment, you may need as much flexibility as possible, like; you suddenly require 50 new phones and desks to accommodate expansion, and you may discover that, one year into your three year telephone system lease, it cannot support your fifty new employees. With leasing, you can upsize and downsize as conditions change. Whatever the nature of such change, a franchise can avoid the problem of obsolescence and accurately account for its finances by allowing to do the necessary leasing work. Call us: 877-508-2274

Construction Equipment

If your franchise is new, or your franchise construction business is mature, it may be time to replace some of your job-site equipment – or add more to the mix. Which means it’s time to revisit the ages-old financing question: Lease or buy? The options in leasing are now more plentiful than in the past – and potentially more advantageous. Things to consider:
Cash flow. Obviously, cash flow remains the biggest driver in the lease-or-buy decision. “A lot of running a small franchise business is making sure you have enough working capital each month,” says Don Johnson, president of Diamond Financial, New Jersey.  “With a lease, a franchisor can better shape what that capital outflow looks like.” Leases require smaller down payments than loans. Not only that, a contractor often can deduct the full amount of lease payments on tax returns.

Equipment obsolescence. If it’s important for your business to keep up with the most modern equipment, a lease will provide the flexibility of upgrading every three years (or whatever the term of the lease). Call us: 877-508-2274

Printing Equipment

Offset printing presses, screen printing, digital press or image/plate setters are must have items for your franchise printing business. We all know that printing technology changes just as quickly as the advances in computers. Additionally, printing equipment depreciates rapidly. Leasing is a “no brainer”!  Negotiating the best possible lease for your business is what can do for you. Call us: 877-508-2274

Leasing Restaurant Equipment is the Smarter Choice

You love the restaurant business. Success demands so much of your time, attention, and effort. It’s not just a 40-hour job; it’s your life! The leasing experts at FranchiseLeasing are dedicated to their business, too: helping entrepreneurs like you realize your dreams. Leasing your restaurant equipment frees your capital and allows you to respond easier to consumer demand. From ice maker machines to refrigerated sandwich cases, leasing can provide you with the newest and highest quality equipment available. Leasing restaurant equipment, as opposed to outright purchasing or financing, allows you to retain more working capital and makes budgeting easier. Call us: 877-508-2274

Telecommunications Equipment

Leasing can prove invaluable when you franchise a small business or run a call center. Telecom leasing equipment may include switchboards, telephone systems, multiplexers and more. Whether you need a reliable Analog Key System, a larger Digital Key System, or Voice Over IP (VoIP) we can help you. Need music on hold? Need a system that is integrated with your computer system? Let and their experts help you every step of the way on your path to success. Call us: 877-508-2274

Security Equipment

Need Intrusion Detection, Video Surveillance, Monitored alarm systems? Security for your office, building or property?
· Office Security – fire-proof safes, filing cabinets, vault doors and more
· Computer Data Security – secure access, backup & recovery
· Building Security – security cameras and recording systems, access door controls
· Property Security – perimeter controls,
Be Secure Faster! processing time is much shorter than getting a bank loan. has thousands of happy commercial franchise customers.

Leasing enables you to customize a financing program to address your business’ cash flow issues, including budgeting. Leasing eliminates the asset management overhead that comes with owning your own equipment. You can find a variety of security equipment. You can rent a single piece of equipment or satisfy all the security needs of your franchise business. Our agents will get you exactly the lease you need. Call us: 877-508-2274


Whether your franchise is a small company that needs few computers or a large one requiring a vast network of computers and software, leasing that software and computer is perhaps the most advisable method to conserve cash and keep your business up-to-date with changing technologies. If you are considering leasing computers and/or software, can help you realize significant savings. When you lease computers/software, you are normally required to provide a low lease fee as opposed to laying our vast sums of cash every time you need to buy more software/computers or renew a maintenance contract.

Furthermore, part of the problem with computers and software, is the speed with which it becomes obsolete. You can’t predict what products will be changed and whether or not those changes justify new purchases. Therefore, leasing software lends itself to increased flexibility.

Accounting software, CAD software, Inventory management software, PC’s or laptops–whatever your requirement, can help your franchise with its IT needs! Call us: 877-508-2274

Dry Cleaning Equipment

Your Dry Cleaning Franchise needs very specialized equipment, not found in many other industries or services. You need quality, reliable Dry Cleaning equipment to be profitable. Obtaining service for ageing equipment or trying to sell old equipment can be tough. Leasing is the answer. Whether you need Spotting Tables, Air Compressors, Conveyors, Chillers, Irons, Vacuums, Washing Machines-Laundry, Washing Machines-Wet Cleaning, Boilers, Pressing Machines, Shirt Finishing Equipment, Dry Cleaning Machine, Ironing Boards, we can help. Call us: 877-508-2274

Mall Kiosks

To make money, you have to be where the people are; and highly visible. Franchise Leasing has helped many enterprising individuals start or advance their retail success by helping them get into a kiosk. These days, the smart money is spending wisely. It has to. A kiosk-based business means far-less investment in location and decoration. You’re lighter on your feet, too, able to respond to changing consumer demands. Leasing is perfect for a kiosk-based franchise! Call us: 877-508-2274.

The Leasing Advantage, in affiliation with Diamond Financial in New Jersey, offers the best in securing the financing you want for all your franchise equipment needs

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