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Diamond Financial Services, a nationallly know and leading Franchise Funding Company since 1996, offers to both franchisees and franchisors retirement rolloverservices (Diamond Retirement FundingTM), SBA Loan packaging, Securities-Based Credit Lines (LeverageLineTM), Equipment Leasing (FranchiseLeasing.com) and Micro Loans (UBLOCTM), that we quickly pre-qualify, consult and custom design a lending strategy with a high success rate. In today’s changing credit environment, you need a franchise finance specialist who can maximize results and we accelerate your company’s growth goals. There are never any upfront or application fees for any of our programs. Our services are for start-up, expansion and acquisition financing.

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We have several programs available to serve you. Please click the links below (or on the drop-down menu above) to read about each one. In many cases, we’ve also included an application for you to download, fillout and submit.



Are you a startup, an existing business without financials, or just looking for some growth capital to take your business to the next level? We’ll give you the help you need, with a dedicated staff to assist with all your business and legal needs.

F.A.S.T. Plan

Diamond’s F.A.S.T. plan preserves a borrower’s liquid assets, and at a minimum, helps clients leverage themselves so they are in a better position for future expansion. Find out how!

LeverageLineTM Program

Fast, Low-Rate Alternative Financing with No Credit Required. Diamond Financial, through its partner firm A. B. Nicholas, assists those who are in need of financing against their securities portfolios.

Retirement RolloverTM Services Program

Diamond Financial Services has formed strategic alliances with companies that have experience in retirement planning and extensive knowledge of ERISA. The program is IRS-approved.

FranBankTM Conventional Loans

Financing, for approved franchise brands, is available to single or multiply units and regional / area developments. Investment banking services are bundled with integrated legal and business advisory services.

SBA Lending & Applications

The 7(a) Loan Guaranty Program is the SBA's primary program reducing the risk to lenders by guaranteeing major portions of the loans written to the small businesses in America.

Revenue-Based (Short-Term Loans)

Diamond Financial Services judges the health of your business based on your cash flow – not just credit scores. Our in depth understanding of small businesses means that we can provide capital to businesses in as fast as 7 business days.

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